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-- from which programs would emerge. >> watch the dedication ceremony of the george w. bush presidential library and museum in dallas. my thursday morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern, on c-span3. tune in earlier at 6:20 a.m. eastern on c-span for a conversation with the form first couple. now a review of the week's events and i look ahead at the congressional agenda. this is 45 minutes.
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we want to welcome back mark murray, senior political editor for cbs news. two days of hearing and the events in boston and these two brothers came to the u.s. has essentially a legal citizens, ironically becoming citizens on september 11, 2011. how have the events impacted what we will be seeing in the weeks ahead? guest: legislation will not be passed in full until july, august, or september. it is too early to tell. one thing we do know is that supporters of this are concerned a little bit. we saw senators john mccain, lindsey graham, put out a statement on friday afternoon saying this should not have happened at all. if you are going support comprehensive immigration reform, it would be to make sure that people come out of the shadows, that the country knows who is in this country and who is not. they were really defensive, trying to come out for this type of thing. it is important to note in this debate that these two brothers came to the united states for asylum, but i am not sure that is applicable to the big
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contours' of the immigration reform bill that is trying to give a pathway to citizenship to people who are illegal in this country, not those who came in under asylum. host: the fbi is under some criticism because apparently they had looked into the older brothers trip to russia. he was there for six months. they don't know who we had contact with and the fbi basically said he was not a threat. and of course we know what happened last monday. guest: there will be a tremendous amount of reporting over the next several days about what the fbi knew and did not know. in some type of instance like this when it comes to acts of terrorism, the political component becomes, what did the federal government know and not know? this is one of those things that will develop over time there remains to be seen coming to that extent.
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host: another round of hearings tomorrow at 10:00 eastern time. you can watch it on the c-span networks. senator chuck grassley trying to tie the events in boston. >> is important for us to understand the gaps andophole on system. when we find out it will help shed light on the weaknesses of our system. how can individuals evade authorities and plan such attacks on our soil? how can we beef up security checks on people who wish to enter the united states? had a we ensure that people who wish to do us harm are not eligible for benefits under the immigration laws including this new bill before us? host: we should point out that was before it dzhokhar tsarnaev was captured. he is under heavy guard
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protection, but one of the issues is whether or not he will be given his miranda rights. is he a u.s. citizen and under the constitution considered innocent until proven guilty, or is he an enemy combat? guest: you have people from the aclu and other supporters of civil liberties saying you have cases where -- you have the same two senators, john mccain and lindsey graham, who said this person is a terrorist and should not have miranda rights. it seems the obama administration is going to be straddling the middle ground, as they did with the so-called underwear bomber from a few years ago.
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host: "national journal" reporting the headline, "pete williams' reporting philosophy d y was g boon sighttory r guest: i would have to say that pete williams is the best i have ever come across, so measured and sofer. is amazing he was able to be showcased the way he was. this was a complicated story. a lot of journalists for getting the facts wrong as it was developing in real time, but pete williams was a constant force who was right 100% of the way. it is a model to all of us, people who were starting to this profession. host: the essence of the story is not jumping ahead of the story.
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on monday, some news organizations saying that dozens of people were killed. that was not the case, three kil the on-line sleuths pinpointed the wrong individuals before the fbi released those two photographs. guest: it is always important to realize and people get carried away in the heat of the moment, we have to be incredibly careful what we are saying on tv and in the press, that it really matters. imagine how people were trying to be on line sleuths. that seemed to trigger the fbi and authorities to release the photos to be able to make sure the people who were being accused wrongly by some internet sleuths, that that story was rectified right away.
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host: and now you have read the cove y magazine, focusing on the departure of and curry andann curry. guest: i cannot be bigger fans of our current anchors. there is always a lot of drama that goes on with any type of morning show, people feel like they know -- when it comes to "the today show" for example, it is like a family. the staff that i work with could not be better, but "the new york times" magazine -- it is an interesting read, i will say.
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host: it can be a little messy from time to time. from the transition's we have had at nbc, sometimes it can be a little rocky when you move from one person to another. host: our phone lines are open. you can give us a call or send an e-mail or send a tweet. a lot of attention last week at this time. we will share what the president said on wednesday at the u.s. senate. it ended much quicker than people expected.
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guest: that is the key point in this. he said the measures deserve a vote. he did not say the measures should pass. they were surprised a little bit by how quickly the debate ended. that felt that maybe they could end up getting a background check measure passed at the senate. the house is always going to be the toughest part. there was a combination of factors that made it so difficult. one was the power of the national rifle association. the other was the red-blue state divide. another factor was that many of these democrats who voted against the background check measure are up for reelection in 2014.
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finally, what is interesting and should be noted is the house of representatives is unlikely to move on this measure at all. if you were thinking i want to take a tough vote, this might be difficult. if you need the house of representatives was not going to act, that probably seal the fate of this legislation, at least for the time being. host: is in the new imesyork t the senate said no to us and now it is our turn. he begins by saying, i want my money back. he is referring to the $2,500 he gave to the democrats who did not support the background check. he said he is going to take aim at these democrats who did not support it.
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guest: you can say the politics of new town are going to change politics. while some red state senators voted against the measure, the democratic party by and large supported. some take issue and say we are going to deny financing to candidates who voted against this as a way to levy a punishment. the potential downside is that if you say that should not get money from wealthy donors, does that mean her opponent should -- that is a dilemma the democrats have to have on this one particular vote. do not want someone who is with me 100% of the time, or is it okay if this person is with me 80% of the time? host: he said that she betrayed us. he goes on to say that when i think about the democrats, i will focus on supporting in 2014. guest: people can decide who they want to give money to.
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there is going to be a lot of pressure, saying we are not going to give you money. the dilemma of people who can donate $2,500 to political candidates, can you end up being a democrat who would end up making that kind of vote on a gun measure? it does not seem like they are democrats who can win statewide who are seen as people who want to have more gun control in those states. host: we are talking with mark murray of nbc news. this look ahead at the 2014 campaign. he points out there is a wild card in the midterm elections next year, the president. presidents normally don't inject themselves as aggressively as obama is promising to do.
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already he has committed to doing eight fundraisers this year and no telling how many next year to help the democrats win back the house of representatives. guest: that is one of the theories that a matter what ends up happening, the midterm election is always difficult for the incumbent president's party. voters always seem to take out their frustrations on any type of things going on on the cumbent party. there's another theory, too. the modern two-term presidents we have had have only had one bad midterm cycle. bill clinton had his very bad midterm cycle in 1994, but then in 1998, right after impeachment, he went unscathed. some democrats are hoping that after we took a beating in 2010, 2014 will not be as bad.
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if you look at the map when it comes to senate races, the democrats are going to be playing defense. their goal is simply to make sure the republicans don't have six senate seats to take control of the senate. host: that special election in south carolina is taking place in may. good morning, eric. caller: i would like to direct this conversation into something that has been going on, the rand paul filibuster. the situation we saw was not a hypothetical situation. the situation we have seen is the exact situation where drones need to be used on american soil. here we had an enemy combat an, an american citizen. he was a terrorist. of drone is simply a flying surveillance camera. this could have taken some of the drama out of the situation.
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a drone with infrared thermal heat could have caught this guy. ron paul was simply grandstanding. i would like for you to comment on this situation. thank you. host: thanks for the call. that filibuster that senator paul had on the senate floor is getting a lot of attention. it was one of the most viewed events on our website in our history. guest: rand paul has made a name for himself. there was speculation about 26 teen that is way too early right way too earlys
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right now. if he is thinking about making a run for the presidency, that type of filibuster is certainly a way to be able to make a splash. as to the caller's question about drones, politically, even if lagrone was directed at a known terrorist or suspected terrorist, he is on american soil, which would probably be a big political problem in this country. we have seen the drone program used overseas that people who are targeted terrorists. that would be a tricky situation. i would say overall, i think the federal authorities, the localb oston authorities in such a delicate, dangerous situation are being applauded for the work ever able to do in a relatively short time. host: michael says president obama is concerned about his legacy. the affordable care act won't do it for him, so he needs something where he will be an early lame duck. guest: all presidents at some
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point to enter that lame-duck stage. if president obama is able to accomplish immigration reform, and some republicans wanted to happen, it would be a big legacy for all involved, something that president george w. bush was unable to accomplish and that president obama was unable to accomplish in his first term. capitol hill right now sees that as the last opportunity for really big piece of legislation, a legacy piece of legislation to occur. i don't think we'll have any resolution on this until july, august, september, so we have to be patient. we are going to see may twists and turns, but the reason why the gun measure ended up failing and why immigration seems to have a chance, both parties have an interest in getting something done on immigration. many republican leaders see this as something they need to do as
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well to make sure that 2012 elections, when they lost latinos by huge margin, does not happen again. july-september is probably the time frame you would get any kind of agreement. if you or someone hoping there is going to be a grand bargain, was, don't get your hopes up. however, look to the appropriations process in congress. that is the way you can end up getting some type of fixes into the so-called sequester, those automatic budget cuts that took effect earlier this year. don't be surprised if there are some compromises one way or another. certainly now that guns are off the table, immigration and the budget are the two big stories we are watching.
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host: welcome to the program, michigan, republican line. caller: that have been showing what happened in massachusetts. that is not the first time. talking about gun legislation that passed, i would like to know, the one young man that's arrived, what kind of chord is he going to be tried in? is he considered a terrorist?
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does he get tried in a regular court, or a different kind of court? what is the outcome going to be, and who makes that decision? host: this is the front page of "the boston globe." the fbi was warned two years ago about the alleged bomber's radical shift, and then the question now for the younger brother, what rights he will have. he remains heavily sedated and at the moment is not talking to anyone because he has been intubated and is under a number of drugs because he remains in serious condition. guest: i understand he will be charged under federal charges and in federal court. there is some debate and there are people in the republican party saying this person should not have to go through the same type of court process, this is an opportunity to try this person in a type of military tribunal, etc. others are urging that he is the united states citizen and should be afforded all the protections of a united states c commit any crime.
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host: the headline from the boston herald, loud and proud. we were told by espn that he did it on in his own. guest: these types of brutal, terrible events, people in of losing their lives on monday and the police officer who lost his life on thursday night, it does show you how the country can come together in times of tragedy. i think the neil diamond song at the boston red sox games does cap off where there is solidarity, and it does represent the best of the country. host: bob is joining us next from pennsylvania.
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good morning. caller: i spent my career as a systems analyst, and the first thing that i had to do when i took on a new project was to define a problem. i have heard immigration reform, immigration reform over and over again on every network. i never hear a definition of exactly what the problem is. i kn there are a of facets butody takes e me tac a bullet list of the things that we want to try to fix. i don't see what the point of all the discussion is. we are going to end up with some other nonsensical thing like this watered-down gone bill that would not solve any of the problems that really affect us, that cost up million people over the last 40 years to be killed in our country alone. explain to me the list of things that you consider a problem with the way immigration is now.
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host: let me share with you what senator rubio said early last week in a news conference. here are his comments. >> i would remind you, america is a nation of immigrants, and both republicans and democrats have failed to enforce the law. we are not going to deport them. let's secure the border. let's bring people out of the shadows. they will pay a fine. they will start paying taxes. they will not qualify for federal benefits. we all wish we didn't have this
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problem, but we do, and we have to fix it. ingsy e, ths al emy. host: rush limbaugh critical of senator rubio, saying why are u doing this? guest: there are three problems the comprehensive immigration reform tries to solve. first, making sure the border is secure. the legislation does been money to have a strategy to put things in place, to make sure your meeting certain objectives and goals to beef up border security. the second goal is to make sure businesses are not using cheap labor illegally. the legislation into creating an employment verification system, so company cannot employee illegal immigrant labor. the third thing is giving legal status to those who currently live in the united states. his point was bringing people out of the shadows, ensuring they are not second-class citizens, ensuring they are paying taxes, to have the federal government know who these folks are and make him part of this country and its fabric.
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this has been a goal that george w. bush had, something president obama campaigned on. it does appear the stars are aligned to accomplish all these three things in this immigration reform package. host: mark sanford as he moves for a possible political comeback. his wife this week said he was trespassing on her home. guest: i believe it was a tossup contest and now it is a race with the sister of comedian stephen colbert.
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the biggest development is the charge by the ex-wife on mark sanford trespassing in her home. this occurred back in february. self carolina politics can sometimes be ugly and dirty. this was an interesting development that came out. there's one ironclad rule in american politics. if your a divorced politician, you need to make sure you have the ex-spouse on board. his ex-wife did not give him a 100% endorsement. when the charge came out, it was not all that surprising. it is all here say right now but it does not seem to be a wife who is trying to help her ex-
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husband. in fact, it seems to be the opposite. it gives you an indication of who might be the favorite in this race. host: this is from the sanford campaign, talking about the issues of the campaign. this is a very conservative district that includes charleston. >> for years, while many have talked, i have fought to do something about it. i have cut spending, reduced debt, and make government more accountable. i have experienced how none of us go through life without mistakes, but in their wake, we can learn about race, and second
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chances. in that light, i humbly step forward and ask for your help in changing washington. a mark sanford, and i approve this message. he got it all in there. that is in response to ads that democrats are running, throwing the kitchen sink at him, bringing up that so-called appalachian trail that he was supposed to be hiking on, but instead was in argentina. just throwing out everything, and mentioning the affair he had with that moment in argentina. very tough ads, and mark sanford is trying to tell his side of the story. host: this spot released late last week, now on the air in south carolina's first district. [video clip] >> mark sanford walked out on us, violated our trust, secretly used thousands of taxpayer dollars lying to argentina, and then lying about it. republicans college misconduct and abuse of power, and sanford pay the largest fine in state history.
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now he wants our trust again. maybe mark sanford should just keep walking. host: we were in touch with the news directo one of the stations where there was supposed to be a televised debate. it is unclear whether there will be a debate before the may 7 election, but he indicated this is a pretty conservative district, and he could not see how elizabeth colewort busch could be elected. guest: this district lean so conservative, republican, that he was able to hold on to power. if you look at everything happening right now, the tresssingainst sanford, he is the slight underdog in this contest.
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the good news for republicans in this race, republicans cannot be blamed for saying -- it is too difficult for republicans, this is just a very bad story for republicans. it explains why republicans lost the seat as opposed to anything else. host: go ahead, bill. caller: thank you for taking my call. mr. murray is working for nbc as a reporter.
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we are getting conflicting reports regarding the boston bombing about -- there are all kinds of stories going around that some official from saudi arabia flew in to the white house and spokt and then eithert this particular person. it was originally reported by cbs. i just wonder what your whole take is on this matter. guest: i am not familiar with that side of the story. it is-understanding that there was some reporting by other networks that indicated -- everyone reported there was some type of saudi individual who was being questioned, but was never implicated as being a suspect or even in custody. i am not familiar with the other activities after the fact, but something everybody is going to focus on, particularly all the people whose names came out that were falsely accused of committing this.
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most people have an interesting story to tell. host: philadelphia's also getting its fugitives in to court. from the sunday "seattle times," the search now shifts into why photographs of the -- of where the suspect was caught late friday evening. next to that, a political story about the mayor's race in los angeles. reporting very low turnout in the first runoff election. guest: politics is not taken as seriously in los angeles as some other cities.
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the have a very big entertainment industhat takes a lot ofple'ergies thacit. but it is a fascinating race. she is trying to become the first female mayor. the candidates are both democrats. garcetti is a big supporter of president obama. bill clinton has endorsed gruel. polling shows that eric garcetti might have a little bit of and a bandage. we are watching what is happening in new york city and boston will have an open the mayoral race as well. host: carol and joining us from arlington, texas, democrats line. caller: my concern about immigration, i watched the hearings the other day and a young man who was on there representing the labor and
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employment organization said in comments that if the 24% unoynte rierican i am very concerned about that. i was also appalled that the disrespect that was paid to him by the people who were interviewing him, like mr. leahy and all the people on the democric side. the thing because of president obama's direct this involvement with black americans and jobs and his abandonment of us, do you think that there could be a backlash in the 2014 election, where the 93% or the portion of the 93% of the people that voted for him in the election would deny him the president of gaining the house?
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there is this message fo in the black community, because we know that he has nonck ahior br. thank you so much for taking my call. i love c-span. host: thank you for your call and comments. guest: >> on one hand you have the argument, people saying if you give a pathway to citizenship, they are going to take jobs away from people who should be able to have those jobs. the counter argument is, these people are often working jobs that others would not want or be able to have. that is a tricky situation. it is very interesting and striking how, despite the unemployment rate that is a little under 8%, we have now seen some polling with leaders on capitol hill, all the stars seem to line to add something, with that argument that was just leveled. you will hear a lot of critics
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on immigraonm.le saying this wie jobs awafral u.s. citizens at iand thwhy you should not be able to have it. host: we heard a very angry obama. guest: right now it seems the senate legislation on gun control has been shelved. we are hearing so much more on how -- when you talk to advocates of gun control, they say there will be another newtown or another colorado situation. that will potentially be a rallying cry. you have people like gabrielle
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giffords from arizona, you have the families of the new town victims at marshawn capitol hill. if that does become a force of the next six years or the next decade, that is how people are able to bring change to washington. legislation sometimes takes a long time to pass, civil rights legislation, health care reform. what remains to be seen is if there is the power and sori a commitment of people saying we are going to at somula imes ie ng done. get things passeughress host: illinois, independent line, good morning. caller: my comment about immigration and the news media is that the news media abuse everything through the political
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process. it is always about the eternal elections, who is ahead, who is sh t media would spendnefit. more time covering the american people. what is going on with real people in america? i recommend you get out of the beltway, get out of manhattan, and see how real americans live. the big problem in america is our trade laws, or open borders, driving down the wage levels in america. average american people are having a very difficult time making a living. the idea that you can open up immigration and let millions and millions of people into this country is asinine. corporate media like you guys will not cover that story. you are all about the liberal, let's let everybody in, we are a multicultural, one-world society.
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that is wrong. get out of the beltway and go see how real americans live and let's stop the enlist political, next election coverage. it is just too bad. cover what is really going on in america. host: what are your primary sources of news and information? caller: wall street journal, the economist, i like to listen to everybody, talk radio. host: they are owned by corporations as well. caller: >> i am a working guy. i am is tired of hearing about the election. the election coverage never ends. focus on what is going on with real american people. i am tired of hearing about professional politicians.
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we don't care about them. host: you have heardhis de before. guest: i am a political reporter. we were talking about the policy implications of this legislation. it is important for people to know what is being debated on immigration reform, but also the sticking points when it comes to policy. i do live in washington d.c., but i grew up in south texas on the texas-mexican border and i have been covering immigration reform for more than a decade. i know a thing or two when it comes to this type of issue, when it comes to talking about border security and undocumented immigrants who want a pathway to citizenship, as well as employers who are looking for some type of way to ensure they are not employing illegal immigrants. host: is there any way to effectively control over 12,000 miles of sea coast? last call, new york city, democrats line with mark murray.

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